About Mimi

Women’s Group new in Medellin

Mimi Rich Bell has led intimate women’s groups in California for many years (one of which is still meeting 15 years later!). At the request of a couple of expat professional women, she is pleased to offer a Women’s Group in Medellin, providing a safe, nurturing space of unconditional love and support. Using meditation, guided …


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Thoughts on Aging

Many changes have occurred in my life in the last few months – I have retired from work I love. I have sold my home and moved from the US (California) to Medellin, Colombia. I am no longer a wife. I am blessedly a first-time grandmother. And all those changes are a direct result of … Continue reading Thoughts on Aging

About Mimi

After several unsatisfying careers (Vogue Magazine, computer programming & software development), I followed my lifelong interest in the human mind and heart and obtained a Masters in Counseling Psychology at Lesley College in Cambridge, Ma. in 1989. I obtained further training at two Harvard Medical School/Department of Psychiatry programs: The Center for Addiction Studies and … Continue reading About Mimi

Psychotherapy in English now available in Medellin

Mimi Rich is a Marriage and Family Therapist, licensed in California and in private practice since 1995. A recent transplant to Colombia, she is interested in working with the expat community. Areas of expertise include relationship issues, depression and anxiety, Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome, abuse issues, addiction and spiritual crises. She is available for individual, … Continue reading Psychotherapy in English now available in Medellin